Loop to Loop

Original Button Hole Strap

Child Size

Foam Pad *New! Loop to Loop Pad with Fleece!

Button Hole Strap *Suede Side (Rust)

Child Size *Fits 1/8 to 1/2 size violin! Suede Side Out (Red)

Foam Pad Reversible!

Button Hole Strap *Fleece Side

Child Size *Fleece Side of Child's size Violin! Pads my be used either suede side out or fleece side out

Foam Pad Application of Loop to Loop with Fleece

Button Hole Strap Application of Button Hole Strap. Suede Side in Chocolate Brown

Child Size *Child's Size Pad on 1/8 violin. Suede side out (Sand)

Button Hole Strap *One of My First Button Hole Strap Pads. Suede Side out (Black)

Child Size *Joyce with 1/2 size violin and child size pad. Fleece side out and regular size stretch band

Button Hole Strap Latest Version of Button Hole Strap on a 3/4 Size Violin. Suede Side Out (Rust)

Joyce "The rufty tufty is a fiddle pad that has been carefully developed by Mr. Robert Gardner for violinists who would like their violin to be free to vibrate without being inhibited by contact with the body or a shoulder rest. The violinist holds the violin slightly higher than the shoulder with his thumb, enabling the weight of the violin to push slightly into the neck. There are many advantages to the violinist. One is freeing fingers in the hand to move more independently. Another is the neck muscles can relax as they are no longer needed to hold the violin. Because some chin rests are made to be placed on the left side of the button the fiddle pad protects the collar bone. It also adds comfort regardless of the type of chin rest that is used.
It is easy to put on and remove. If the button on your violin is an unusual size Mr Gardner has developed several different ways to connect the pad. It will generally stay on best if the stretch band is placed over the top plate."

Joyce L. C. Otterstrom

"Just got the shoulder rest (had you send it to my parents in Indiana and they sent it to me here in Norway). Super duper. Best thing I've ever used since ditching the clamp-on, "Kun-style" rest several years ago. The viola player in my ensemble is looking for a rest and I'm going to recommend yours."

Christian Abel
Bergen, Norway